Take charge of your overall wellness

Your health is a top priority. With Healthway, taking charge of your overall wellness doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The first step is basic – a Basic 5 medical exam!

Among Healthway’s selection of preventive care packages, the Basic 5 is inclusive of essential services that give you a bird’s eye view of your general physical health. The package includes (1) urinalysis; (2) stool exam; (3) chest x-ray; (4) complete blood count; and (5) a full medical examination.

For a deeper, look into your health, the WellCheQ Executive Checkup is designed to assess your lifestyle, medical history, and risk factors through a comprehensive selection of laboratory procedures, imaging services, and specialized tests. This premium package is inclusive of a free consult with a specialist and a primary care physician, dental exam and prophylaxis, a nutritious complimentary meal, and other great medical perks.

Our Healthway doctors are ready to guide you with the best medical advice to prevent potential health concerns, detect risks, and treat existing conditions. By undergoing your physical exams through the Basic 5 or WellCheQ Executive Checkup annually, you can expect to give more time and effort to what’s important to you, whether it’s a hobby you’re passionate about, a small business you’re nurturing, or your family waiting at home.

Be the champion of your own health with Healthway! Set an appointment for Basic 5 or WellCheQ Executive Checkup at a Healthway Family Clinic or Multi-Specialty Center near you. Contact our Customer Care Team today:

Healthway Family Clinic
0917 625 1924

Healthway Multi-Specialty Center
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