How GCash can boost your business

Due to the pandemic and community quarantine restrictions, there has been a rapid shift to online transactions in almost all aspects of Filipinos’ lives – from buying daily essentials, paying bills, and for entrepreneurs, running a business and making sure it thrives amid the series of lockdowns. 

As Filipino business owners look for ways to sustain their businesses, GCash, the leading mobile wallet company in the country, has been introducing innovations to help micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) optimize their business operations and financial transactions. In partnership with the Ayala Enterprise Circle (AEC), GCash has brought a host of digital solutions within the reach of more local MSMEs.

Here are some of the digital financial services that GCash offers to MSMEs:

Safe and secure cashless payment platform. Switching to cashless transactions with low human contact makes things quicker, easier and safer. With GCash, MSMEs can accept payment for their goods through P2P or QR code. This makes it more convenient and more enticing for customers since they can easily pay for their purchases through their smartphones, which in turn, helps the businesses increase their transaction values. In addition, MSMEs can level up their business with a GCash Pro subscription which allows them to upgrade their wallet limit up to P500K.

Access to millions of customers. Currently, GCash has a network of over 3.9 million merchants and over 51 million active users. By becoming one of GCash’s merchants, businesses instantly gain access to millions of customers. GCash provides QR transaction reports so enterprises can also easily track their financial results.

Seamless salary disbursement. GCash PowerPay Plus empowers MSMEs and their employees with quick and efficient cashless payroll disbursement. GCash PowerPay Plus helps companies save time since it generates transaction logs and has a systematic employee database. Swift salary payouts also enable employees of MSMEs to conveniently access their funds and support their family’s needs during these challenging times.

E-commerce platform, financial services and more. On the app, GCash also offers GLife, an e-commerce feature that provides businesses with a digital footprint so that they don’t need to create their own app. GLife is home to over 35 brands across various industries, such as food, fashion, beauty, and gadgets. If MSMEs become a part of GLife, their clients can conveniently pay for their goods online. Moreover, GLife provides marketing support based on GCash’s data-driven analysis. Aside from that, on the GCash app, entrepreneurs can access GSave for their earnings. GSave offers an interest rate of up to 4 percent, which is one of the highest in the market. Last but not least, MSMEs can also provide their employees peace of mind during the pandemic with GInsure which offers affordable insurance coverage via the GCash app.

Boost your business’ capabilities and access GCash’s services with the Ayala Enterprise Circle. AEC is a project by the Ayala Corporation which provides MSMEs with a community where they can equip their businesses with different products and services being offered by Ayala brands.

With GCash, enterprising Filipinos are empowered as they pivot to reach more customers and their business’ full potential through GCash’s wide range of products and services for MSMEs.

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