Upskilling your employees and 
dependents with a degree from Mapua Malayan Digital College

As businesses need to evolve in a post-COVID digital world, upskilling remains to be essential for business owners and their employees. This is a key factor in employee retention and productivity. Below are some of the beneficial ways where upskilling programs can be beneficial for your company.​

1. What kind of training and upskilling programs does your company need?​
– To help better identify the type of skills and programs a company needs, working with HR leaders and managers can be beneficial. In this way, specific programs can be developed to help identify and optimize the employees’ roles that can help them adapt to emerging business trends.​

2. Balance the upskilling program with current business needs.​
– Enrolling your employees to training programs can lead to a more fulfilled and productive workforce. There are short courses available online wherein they can choose a degree/program that allows flexibility while being efficient at work.

Mapua Malayan Digital College, a digital-first college with the renowned Mapúa Malayan heritage, offers pioneer scholarship degree by paying as low as P19,000 per term. The course emphasizes on both Business Administration and Information Technology. Business owners, employees, or dependents who take up BS in Business Administration can choose from three key specializations:  Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, and Operations Management. For those interested to take up BS in Information Technology can choose from: Network and Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and Software Development. ​

These courses are delivered with the help of applied learning and concepts through the Projects, Problems, and Cases (PPC) model. This can help students identify real-world problems and solutions. Classes are delivered online with synchronous sessions at 15 units of full load with just 7.5 hours needed per week. In addition to this, schedule of sessions are both early and late and will include Saturdays. ​

MMDC is now accepting BS Information Technology and BS Business Administration enrollees for the 2022-2023 school year. Ayala Enterprise members can now enroll of the Pioneer Scholarship to save up to P20,000 discount on tuition fees for the whole year.

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