We are champions of the
entrepreneurial spirit.

It is the foundation of business and the force behind development and success.

Small and medium enterprises are important drivers of our economy and society. We are here to
empower them in every capacity.

We help them break the barriers to their success.

We upskill them and complement their knowledge to help them grow, adapt, and lead.

We connect them with experts, partners, and mentors that will help advance their plans.

We work together to enable them to
turn their challenges into opportunities.

As one, we espouse the values of being challenge-oriented, innovation-focused, and results-driven.

The entrepreneurial spirit soars here.
Welcome to the Ayala Enterprise Circle.


We are the leading partner and champion of Ayala’s small and medium enterprise network by helping them grow their business and sustain their success.


We support and empower the Ayala small and medium entrepreneur through uplifting, forging connections, and enabling them to grow their businesses and lead markets.

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